Stefan Stanislawski - Ventura Team


Stefan has an unusual and wide-ranging background combining telecom strategy consulting, telecom finance and also being a start-up entrepreneur in broadband (thrice – two in fibre, one in wireless).  As a result, he has a wide perspective of the industry, of its economics and also a wide range of contacts in the operational, financial, regulatory and technical communities. 

As well as consulting to all parts of the telecom industry, Stefan has a long track record in the economics and business of the access network having (in 1993) initiated local loop unbundling in Europe.  More recently he wrote a landmark report sponsored by the FTTH Council Europe to identify how to stimulate €270 billion of investment in renewing Europe’s access networks with a focus on financing mechanisms and rural (white/grey) areas.  This started the current regulatory debate about separation, the New Zealand model and so on.

He is now leading business development for an open access broadband operator.  This means that he is active every day in the market seeking new municipal and private projects primarily across Europe, Africa, Central America and increasingly in the USA.